Việc làm thêm cho du học sinh

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Minh Nguyet Company would like to introduce you who are overseas students in Japan and who intend to study in Japan some information about part-time jobs there.

The popular part-time jobs in Japan are the simple manual works such as waiter/waitress in restaurants, factory worker, working in supermarkets, jobs requiring Japanese such as interpreter or teaching Vietnamese, jobs related to professions such as programming. For most of these jobs, you need to have a certain Japanese level before coming to Japan.


Overall, part-time jobs in large cities are relatively a lot, so that students do part-time jobs is very popular in Japan. In local areas, the wage may be lower and it is harder to find jobs. Students may have to do 2 jobs at the same time in order to earn enough incomes.

However, you should not work too much to avoid bad effects on your study. Working too much will cause physical fatigue that you do not have energy and excitement to study.

How do you look for a part-time job?
There are so many information channels (from friends, etc.), especially the introduction of seniors. Many Vietnamese students used to live in Japan for many years and had many relationships, so they got many sources of work to recommend to others. The prestige of recommenders will help new students easily be accepted.

Finding jobs through the recommendations of the education providers is a common way. However, there are not many long-term jobs for international students.

To look for part-time job in Japan, please find reference in the following links:

Hopefully, the information above will help you look for part-time jobs in Japan. I wish you well on your way.

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