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  •  Competitiveness in Education

     TAccording to “2014 Global Competitiveness Report” carried out by Switzerland’s IMD, the competitiveness in education of South Korea ranked 26th among 60 countries in which the survey was taken. Moreover, between third to sixth ranks are South Korea’s place in recent years among 65 countries where the survey was taken for Program for International Student Assessment(PISA) held by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Especially, Korea rose to the top in digital reading knowledge assessment. Thanks to its competitiveness in education, Korea will be able to offer those international students a higher level of education services.

  • An Innovative Country of Advanced Applied Science and Technology


     As a subject among 152 countries of a survey in ICT development index announced by International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Korea took the first rank. IT sector in South Korea is internationally well-known for its leading global position along with its other world leading industries in heavy machinery, chemical, shipbuilding, and automobile sectors, The fact that over 20 million households have access to ultra high speed Internet networks, and most make full usage of the technology has proven to be a digital miracle. In terms of outstanding IT industry in the world, it can be made to conclusion that South Korea’s tradition and technology perfectly nurture its hi-tech and creative fields. Overseas education in South Korea, a country of great strength in global technology, will bring you opportunities with the basis for a successful future.

  •  Cultural Richness & Proactive Life

     Korea is a country that has successfully preserved its tradition and culture in for ages, as well as developed its unique cultural heritages. All edges of Korea society are infused with variety of deep-rooted millennium-historical elements of tangible and intangible cultures to modern days.

     The Korean wave started with Korean dramas has now developed into an affection for Korean culture and language, and the recent admirations for K-Pop demonstrates that the Korean wave is not simply a Korean phenomenon but rather a truly global wave of culture.


     Students studying in South Korea, an interesting Asian country of harmony in tradition and modernity, will have opportunities to learn their leadership and wise insight necessary to be lead humanity towards a better future..

  • Affordable Tuition Fees & Living Expenses

    du-hoc-han-quoc-du-hoc-minh-nguyet3In comparison to English speaking countries such as the U.S, Canada, and Britain, etc., Korea offers relatively lower cost of study considering both tuition fees and living expenses. No additional fees are charged when it comes to Korean overseas education; additionally, a great deal of scholarship programs shall ease foreign students’ economic pressures when they come to study in South Korea. According to the recent announcement of Korean Government about tremendous supports and removal of complicated regulations for foreign students in regard to scholarship, dormitory, part time jobs, and employment after graduation, etc., overseas education in South Korea has become more convenient and possible with affordable cost. Korea is geopolitically located in the center of Northeast Asia, so it is easy for Asian students to visit Korea at a low cost. Culturally, as South Korea also belongs to East Asian cultural sphere, Asian students may quickly adapt it without any emotional and cultural anxiety.

  • Employment Support

Employment Exhibitions are held annually to help foreign students with employment in South Korea. Foreign students may also look for relating information through foreign students’ employment support homepage (www.goldcard.or.kr). Exclusively, employment and visa issuance of foreign students are supported with the science card system for high class science and technology manpower and gold card system for graduates of advanced technology field.

For international students enrolling on undergraduate or master/doctorate courses in universities of South Korea, after receiving activity permit beyond resident qualification, they can legally have part time jobs. School employment centers and regional newspapers also proves to be useful sources for Part time job information.


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