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Lincoln university, which is located in the centre of England, has had excellent certificates of training and a pride of heritage with the date from 1861 up to now. This university has a remarkable campus with the inspiration of teaching and a wonderful material facility.
This university rose up its international prestige quickly and was very good at study and research. This is a reason why its courses are ranked in top 10 of students’ satisfaction in U.K. All university programs, which provide lectures for students with major in Business, are relative to the leading scholars. Many programs from Industrial majors and courses are connected well with many well-known employers on the world in order to ensure that students have the best opportunity for their career in future.


Lincoln university welcomes students, who are from all places on the world a safe, come to a friendly and historical city. Students’ satisfaction is an important element for all things that the university carries out; and in the latest survey of national students (National Student Survey – NSS) by Times Higher Education every year, the courses and material facilities are evaluated by students of Lincoln universities as one of the best universities in England.
Study abroad is very interesting and helpful. The friendly atmosphere of Lincoln University will help you have an easy university life. This school has special services which makes ensure that you will be welcomed and have all helps from real experience, and it makes them have an emotion such as they are at home in U.K


University program:

  •  University courses
  • Post-university programs/li>
  • Overview university program
  • Internship
  • Short-term courses


– English: £ 3 150/course

– Pre-universty: £ 9 450/3 semesters

– University program: £ 10 395 – £ 11 460/year

– Pre-Master: £6 300/2 semesters; £ 9 450/3 semesters

– Master of Art/Science: £ 10 854 – £ 12 253/year

– MBA: £12 485/year

– Annual Living fee: : £7 200

The entering school time:
March and September

Requirement of Application for study:

University program:
o Certificate of Graduating from high school
o Certificate of Completing A-level course or Pre-university course
o Requirement of English level: IELTS 6.0

Higher education program:
o Degree of Graduating from University
o Requirement of English level: IELTS 6.5

MAB Main Admin Building (Credit - University of Lincoln)

Get more information, please contact:

Add: 656/48 – 656/50 Cach Mang Thang 8 St, Ward 11, Dist 3, HCM City
Tel: (+84)839907990 Fax: +(84)838464544
Hotline: +(84)908 774 130 +(84)966 544 082 +(84)1629 591 562

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