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I.  Introduction


Every year, UBC attracts over 58,000 students in Canada and 140 countries over the world.

       TThe total number of students of the university in 2013 is 59,659, wherein 11,965 students are international students, increased by 17% compared to 2013.

       The total number of teachers and staff working at the university is 15,253.

       UBC is one of the three universities of Canada in the top 40 best universities in the world. UBC always improves teaching methods, encourages students and teachers to research on new teaching and learning methods that bring high effectiveness.

        The university is located in beautiful city, surrounded by parks and beaches. With the most modern facilities, the university strongly invests in infrastructure such as library, gymnastics rooms, museums, gardens, galleries, restaurants, cinemas. UBC ensures to provide students with the best study conditions.

       Studying in UBC, students can experience a healthy study environment and improve individual skills through cultural, artistic and entertaining activities organized by the university.

TThe university has two campuses: Vancouver Campus and Okanagan Campus.


+ Vancouver Campus:

       It is located in the west of Point Grey peninsula, Vancouver city, Canada in an area of over 400 ha, at 30 minutes by bus to the heart of Vancouver city.

       The campus is like a small city near the beach. Vancouver Campus trains and does intensive researches in all majors of general science.

+ Okanagan Campus


It is located in the southeast of Kelowna, near Kelowna International Airport. The Campus provides with Bachelor and Master’s programs in Art, Science, Medicine, Education, Management and Engineering with about 8,300 students.

The Campus is sponsored up to $14,500 for researches and over 600 research projects are being conducted.

II. Tuition

Majors Number of credits International students (1 year)
Art 30 $26,399
Commerce 30 $29,579
Science 35 $26,399
Cost of living $13,000 – $15,000
Total $39,400 – $45,800

 III. Scholarships:

      Annually, UBC and donors give scholarships of nearly US$35 million to excellent students and CA$10 million to award scholarships and support international students in finance.

     Conditions for excellent international student award OIS, IMES: freshmen of UBC, demonstrations of outstanding academic achievement as well as outstanding achievement of joining movement and extra activities.

     In addition to scholarships for supporting students in finance, UBC helps students to find part-time jobs, gives awards to the disabled, support students in financial loans and helps them earn more income when studying at the university.

IV. Majors

Accounting Astronomy
Biology Biological Technology
Science Construction Engineering
History of Greece Commerce
Archeology Music
Architecture Physical Therapy
Psychology Philosophy


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