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     Lynfield Collge founded in 1958 is the one of prestigious private schools in New Zealand. The college with long tradition, kind and professional teachers and high quality of education provides students with convenient learning environment. The college is located in Auckland city – one of the most beautiful cities in the world as well as in New Zealand. This is a modern city with a fresh atmosphere for being surrounded by natural islands and sea, so as a result students can get new pleasure and exciting things here.

     Currently, the school offers courses including classes for general education from Grade 9 to Grade 13 (Year 9 – Form 3 to Year 13 – Form 7). After finishing the 13th grade, students may register in university to study bachelor’s degree in major as desired.

     Each grade, each class has its own head teacher – head teacher is responsible for caring, helping and answering questions of students from study to difficulties of daily life. Head teacher is also advisor to help students choose career, major after graduation.


Why to choose Lynfield College

– Lynfield College is located in Auckland city – one of the most livable cities in the world with fresh, safe and modern environment.

– International learning environment and clubs will help international students understand more about the culture of New Zealand.

– High qualified, experienced and professional teachers can help students grasp and understand necessary issues.

– Students have opportunities to enter famous universities in New Zealand and in the world.



Grade 9: : Education, Physical Education, Math, Science, Society and Technology are compulsory; one of other foreign languages (German, Japanese, Chinese or Treo), or Business or Information Technology; one of subjects of art: visual art, acting and theatrical art, theatrical music, dramatics, general music.

Grade 10:  similar to grade 9, in addition there are some more choices of subjects: crafts, technology of food, metals, wood and textiles. Students can also learn ahead Geography or/and Science of NCEA certificate (the National Certificate of Education Achievement) at level 1.

Grade 11:compulsory subjects are similar to grade 9 and 10, under NCEA certificate at level 1. Some subjects may be at level 2.

Grade 12: 6 core subjects are under NCEA certificate at level 2, some may be at level 3.

Grade 13: Mostly subjects are under NCEA certificate at level 3. Students can choose other equivalent certificates depending on learning programs and majors.


Homestay: Students can live with the natives, near the college. The host family will care for the students to ensure the time as well as the disciplines. This is an opportunity for students to practice English and get familiar with the cultural practices of New Zealanders.

***Note:Accommodations of all international students in Lynfield College must be approved and monitored by the College. Students can live in leasing rooms with parents, relatives or friends as caregivers designated.


Tuition: NZ$ 14.500/year, including textbooks (temporary), student card.

Fee for homestay: NZ$ 245/week

Health Insurance and Transport: NZ$ 580/year

Uniform: NZ$ 250 – 400
Get more information, please contact:

Add: 656/48 – 656/50 Cach Mang Thang 8 St, Ward 11, Dist 3, HCM City
Tel: (+84)839907990 Fax: +(84)838464544
Hotline: +(84)908 774 130 +(84)966 544 082

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