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I.Message from the Principal:

The TIJ Tokyo Japanese Language Institute, since its establishment in 1991, has provided Japanese language programs to residents in Japan, students from abroad, and corporate-related personnel, as well as providing training for Japanese language teachers and developing Japanese course materials. In particular, the Japanese language programs for students from abroad have been the central pillar of the institute. Many foreign students have completed these programs to date and it still continues to welcome a large number of students. Instructors at TIJ are continuously studying ways to improve Japanese language education while developing original course materials to use in class.

Guidance is provided to the students in particular with the objective to have them acquire “usable Japanese” skills and be able to communicate their ideas.

For that reason, many students that have completed the program have moved on to college and graduate schools, and a great number of them are working in Japanese companies both in Japan and abroad.

The greatest feature of TIJ is the close relationship between the teachers and the students. Students are able to consult their teachers as if they were their own mothers in Japan. They come to the teachers with various problems including trouble encountered in daily life and even matters concerning their life plans.

As a result, I am proud to say that since the opening of the school 20 years ago, we have established a family-like relationship with all our students, including our first to current students.

Our philosophy is to “develop outstanding human resources” who will build bridges between Japan and Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. It is my wish that more students who understand the Japanese culture and tradition will graduate from our institute and a friendly relationship will be built between Japan and the home countries of our students. This, I hope, will lead to a Japanese society in which foreign citizens and the Japanese people can come together and live in harmony.

Mariko Hirose, Principal


TIJ provides a number of appealing Japanese courses for a wide range of people including those who just want to casually study Japanese, students preparing for college and professional schools, or foreigners working in Japan.

TIJ offers quality programs with each course meeting the needs and language level of each student.

1.Preparatory Course:

Courses for students who wish to enter a Japanese university, graduate school, or professional school. Advanced courses in Japanese for higher education including complete support systems such as student dormitories, assistance in life in Japan, and counseling for students preparing for higher educational institutions.

High-level Japanese courses are offered for students who not only wish to go on to college, etc. but intend to find employment.

Entrance Fee80,000 JPY (Tax included)
Student Administrative Fee50,000 JPY (Tax included)
Tuition (1 year)552,000 JPY (Course material fees for 1 year & tax included)
TOTAL682,000 JPY (Tax included)

* Tuition may be paid in 4 installments of 138,000 JPY (due every semester, Course material fees for one semester & tax included) from the second year of attendance at TIJ.

* If the applicant is a resident of Japan, please see the tuition of Weekday Courses.


2.Short-term Group Course for Short Stay:

A short-term course in Japanese for groups of college, high school, and middle school students (more than 12 people).

Learn Japanese and experience the sophistication of the Japanese culture or visit the many scenic sights that you can pleasantly talk about when you return home. TIJ will assistance you in making your stay a memorable one. We want you to “feel glad you came to Japan and it was good to know about Japan”.


For an enjoyable way to learn about Japan, we will arrange and lead cultural programs, sightseeing trips, and exchanges with Japanese people by request. Fees will depend on the type of program requested.

18 students+2 teachers (4 weeks)Approximately 270,000 JPY per student
18 students+2 teachersApproximately 160,000 JPY per student

3.Weekday Course:

This course is for foreign citizens living in Japan who wish to develop Japanese skills necessary for daily life. Just to be able to understand the lively conversation of the elderly and the children in the neighborhood, or the most talked about topics on TV or newspapers will widen the opportunities of joining the daily activities of the community.

For those working in Japan, appropriate communication skills will help to promote trust. In this course students will be able to study natural Japanese.

  • Basic 5-day class:


Monday to Friday1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(45 min. x 4 periods, 10 min. Q & A session, 20 min. break.)

126,000 JPY

(630 JPY x 200 periods)

(One period is 45 min.)

* All course fees are subject to an 8% tax.

  • Intermediate Level Course for Japanese Language:


Monday to Friday1. 9:00~9:45
2. 9:45~10:30
(Q&A 10:30~10:40)
3. 11:00~11:45
4. 11:45~12:30
Depends on the number of lessons students take in a week.
– Up to 4 periods: 780 JPY/period
– 5~12 periods: 730 JPY/period
– 13~16 periods: 680 JPY/period
– More than 17 periods: 630 JPY/period
* All lesson fees are subject to an 8% tax.

4.Saturday Course:

This is a weekend course that offers three levels of Japanese classes. Japanese for those who know Japanese words but are unable to use them grammatically when speaking, for those who want to understand grammar to pass the JLPT, or for those who want to communicate with other people through discussions, etc.

  • Beginner’s Class:


Saturday1. 13:00~13:45
2. 13:45~14:30
(Q&A 14:30~14:40)
3. 15:00~15:45
4. 15:45~16:30
850 JPY/period
* All lesson fees are subject to an 8% tax.
  • Intermediate Class:


Saturday1. 13:00~13:45
2. 13:45~14:30
(Q&A 14:30~14:40)
3. 15:00~15:45
4. 15:45~16:30
850 JPY/period
* All lesson fees are subject to an 8% tax.
  • Upper-Intermediate Class:


Saturday1. 9:00~9:45
2. 9:45~10:30
(Q&A 10:30~10:40)
3. 11:00~11:45
4. 11:45~12:30
850 JPY/period
* All lesson fees are subject to an 8% tax.

* Each course will have a separate fee for textbooks.

III.Dormitory Housing:

TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese provides a dormitory for its students. Students share rooms assigned according to the hometown or home country for students who may feel anxiety on their first study abroad program in Japan.

As the courses progress, the country barrier is broken and students are able to come together as a group with the common purpose of studying Japanese. Students in the dormitory help each other whenever a problem occurs. The network of TIJ graduates built up over the past 20 years has a family-like atmosphere, and exchanges continue even after they graduate.

The dormitory is equipped with all necessary electric appliances and the Internet inclusive of utility costs. We especially recommend the dormitory for new students. Students may rent an apartment in the school vicinity after they have adjusted to the life in Japan.

Students may live in the dormitory for three months after their arrival in Japan (or until students graduate if rooms are available). Please apply when you enroll at TIJ.

  • Dormitory Fee:


Entrance Fee10,000 JPY
Deposit30,000 JPY
Dorm Fee (3 months)111,000 JPY
TOTAL151,000 JPY

* Other fees: Bedding 6,000 JPY (for students who wish to purchase)

  • Room Layout: Study room, bedroom, dining kitchen, bath, and toilet
  • Furnishing: Desk, chair, desk lamp, bed, bedding, air conditioner, TV set, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, dishes
  • Location: The dormitory is located near the school and students can either walk or ride a bicycle to school.

IV.Part-time Jobs, Scholarship, Insurance:

1.Part-time Jobs:

Students are required to file an application with the Immigration Office for outside activities such as a part-time job. The Immigration Office will grant permission for a part-time job in the given job category up to a maximum of 28 hours per week, or 8 hours per day during vacation. While most students have their tuition paid by their parents, many students work part-time to pay for their living expenses.

Most students have part-time jobs at food and drink establishments, factories, carrier companies, etc. in Tokyo referred by their superiors and friends. Students learn on-the-job about the rules of society and how the Japanese people think and act. This has become an important part of the student’s lives.



  • Incentive funding for foreign students paying their own expenses: Provided yearly for one year (30,000 JPY per month) by the Japan Student Services Organization through recommendation from the school.
  • TIJ Scholarship: Three students from every term whose grades have improved with excellent attendance and class attitude will each be awarded a 20,000 JPY TIJ student scholarship.
  • TIJ’s Most Outstanding Student Award: TIJ recognizes students for grade excellence, attitude, and other performance with a cash award when they graduate.
  • TIJ’s Good Attendance Award: TIJ recognizes students for high attendance with a cash award when they graduate.

3. Insurance:

  • National Health Insurance: Students who are staying in Japan over 3 months or who have special permission of residence are required by law to enroll in the National Health Insurance system. The insurance premium is about 1,000 JPY per month. Using the National Health Insurance, you only need to pay 30% of fees for treatment, operation, and hospital charges.
  • Insurance for Foreign Students Studying at Japanese Language Schools: This insurance is for students studying at Japanese Language Schools and it covers costs including injuries caused by various accidents in daily life, illnesses, and rescue expenses. For treatment costs, the fee paid by the patient (30%) of the National Health Insurance will be defrayed. The premium is 15,800 JPY for 1 year & 6 months or 20,000 JPY for 2 years. All students at TIJ must enroll in the disaster compensation system.
April students (2-year course)20,000 JPY (Tax included)
July students (1-year & 9 months course)17,900 JPY (Tax included)
October students (1-year & 6 months course)15,800 JPY (Tax included)
January students (1-year & 3 months course)13,300 JPY (Tax included)


Get more information, please contact:

Add: 656/48 – 656/50 Cach Mang Thang 8 St, Ward 11, Dist 3, HCM City
Tel: (+84)839907990 Fax: +(84)838464544
Hotline: +(84)908 774 130 +(84)966 544 082

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