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     Singapore is a modern country with high quality of education that provides international students with more job opportunities. Education has always been the top priority in Singapore. Today Singapore becomes one of the countries with strongly developed and famous education all over the world.

     Singapore always maintains the high quality of teaching, learning as well as scientific researches. What that makes the prominence and high quality of education of Singapore is the strong links with industrial engineering, so students have opportunities to gain practical experience and look for jobs easily.

     HNow Singapore has 6 national universities wherein 2 large universities are famous for facilities and quality with over 30,000 students each. The most prestigious university in Singapore is National University of Singapore (NUS) that is ranked 25th in the rankings of QS World University and one of the highest ranked universities in Asia.

     That universities in Singapore cooperate with leading universities in the world contributes to the education quality of Singapore. It is a positive factor for students to choose Singapore as study-abroad destination.

     At present, international students account for about 18% of all students of Singapore. The main language formally taught in Singapore is English; simultaneously students also learn some native languages such as Chinese and Malay, so it is a great opportunity for international students to learn and experience a new language and culture in Singapore.

◊ Introduction of Singapore

     Singapore is a multicultural country, a developed city. The government always creates open conditions for international students to have a life of real international students.

     Singapore, 137 km away from equator to the north, is a city-state as well as an island nation in Southeast Asia.

     Singapore, “Lion City” is known for its strong economy. It is one of the four “Asian Dragons” (along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan).

     Singapore is one of the world’s large commercial centers, the fourth largest financial center and one of the 5 busiest ports. The global and diversified economy depends on trading a lot, especially manufacturing, accounting for 26% of GDP in 2015. According to PPP, per capita income of Singapore is ranked the third highest in the world. This country is highly ranked in the international rankings related to education, health care, transparency of government and economic competitiveness.


◊ Leading tourist sites in Singapore:

“Garden by the Bay” Wonder

Orchard Shopping Boulevard

Night Safari Zoo

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands

◊ Cost of learning and living in Singapore


     Cost of learning is relatively high in comparison with Asian countries, but reasonable compared with the UK, the U.S. and Australia. This is one of the factors which cause Singapore to become attractive destination for international students who are looking for high quality education. The currency of Singapore is Singapore Dollar.

     The average tuition is about US$10,000/year, depending on courses and majors. Tuition of courses in art is usually lower than that of courses in sciences and economics.

     Singapore has high living standard. Cost of learning and living depends on courses and students’ living standard.

◊ Language

     There are 4 main language recognized in Singapore: Chinese, Malay, Tamil and English. Besides, over 20 other languages are used in Singapore, which reflects the multicultural feature of the nation. Singapore has a bilingual policy, so all domestic students learn not only English but also their own language.

     English is the formal language in teaching in Singapore, so international students studying in Singapore can expect courses taught in English. In daily life, over 75% of the population speak English, so overseas students in Singapore will not have any difficulty in communicating with local people.

     Note: If international students from non-English speaking countries want to study in a university or college in Singapore, students have to submit international English language certificate (TOEFL or IELTS, etc.). Singapore requires a very high standard of English, so it is hard for the people here to accept a not good English speaker. Thus, to come to this wonderful country, students have to prepare a good English proficiency.


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