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Let’s visit the most beautiful island over the world that is in the southwest Pacific Ocean with many interesting things. Australia is beautiful , full of sunshine and wind. Sydney city has many endless long beaches and grandiose mountains, ancient towns with the blue sky and the deeply oceanic atmosphere.

Let’s get information of Kangaroo’s homeland with Minh Nguyet company.


Australia is a developed country and one of the most prosperous country over the world with the twelve-largest economy over the world. Australia’s Human Development Index (HDI) is high and and is ranked at the second class in many field of living quality, health care, education, and economy, etc…

Capital: Canberra
Official language: English
Area: 7,692,024 km2
Population: 23.130.000 people
Currency: Australian Dollar (ASD)

Australia has six states—New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania(TAS), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA)—and two major mainland territories—the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory (NT)

Not only Australia gain economic achievements as mentioned above, but also it is the destination of foreign visitors; it has beautiful site and ancient structural works and particularly interesting desert zone, as follows:

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia is a place where is as famous as Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Statue of Liberty in the U.S, Tower Bridge in London and Eiffel Tower in Paris. Sydney Harbour Bridge is built in order to avoid traffic jam of transportation. It is designed to suffer from 200 km/h wind force and typhoon.

But also Sydney Harbour Bridge is a bridge of overland transportation, not only it becomes a famous tourism site with extreme sports. Sydney Harbour Bridge is also a place of visiting construction exhibition and discovering history


2. Sydney Opera House became the famous tourism site of Sydney. It took 4 years for completion of its design by a Danish architect – Jorn Utzon, and in 1962, its construction is begun. Sydney Opera House is an attractive building and the cultural center of the city. It is opened as a concert-hall, an opera house, a play theatre, a performance hall with restaurants and bars.

3. Nambung National Park: Tourists will enjoy the beauty of whole desert in Nambung National Park – a famous tourism site in Australia – a strange place with has many calcified stone columns which grow up from yellow sand-bank. In the west of Australia


Another feature in cultural life in Australia that there are many community festivals.
Let’s get their information with Minh Nguyet company, as follows:

Light Festival in Sydney


It is organized in January, tourists can enjoy theatre arts, music, dance and art of creating shape in Sydney festival. Program of the festival last in 3 weeks. It includes hundreds of events which are started by Festival First Night with jazz orchestra and the free concert in Domain, or performance session by night in Hyde Park Barrack Festival Bar, etc… Besides, it also has Sydney Writer Festival – program of cooking art and outdoor activities in crave in October.


Adelaide Festival


     Adelaide Festival is organized every 2 years in February and March. This is one of the biggest art events over the world that it has a combination of tradition and modernity. Tourists can dance with DJs at the monumental opening party at night club in festivals and enjoy performance sessions of Opera, exhibitions of art, songs, symphonies, acts of dancing, and session of presenting films.
Moreover, there are Melbourne cooking art festival, Melbourne dinner wine festival , Brisbane festivals
Australian people are always proud of having a diversified and friendly culture. Australia has many customs. Cultural and religious values, which are always encouraged to uphold and share, is based on the Law. In Australia, there is no racial discrimination with more 200 ethnic groups over the world living together.
Australia has a safe environment for life. Crime rate is low. Political crisis does not almost happen. Therefore, the study of international students is impossible to be interrupted, or their achievement of study is affected negatively.
Australia is considered a country of youthfulness, dynamics, enthusiasm. It is appreciated that is an ideal country where students can live, study and reach adulthood. Therefore, if international students want to be trained by high quality education and have a good lifestyle, Australia is their good choice.


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