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University of Toronto is the private university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1827, it was the first institute of higher education in the upper colonial of Canada..

     University of Toronto has 3 campuses: Downtown Toronto (St. George), Mississauga (in the west) and Scarborough (in the east).

     With modern architecture, beautiful space in busy Toronto city and over 1,000 extracurricular activities, University is a wonderful choice for students.

     University of Toronto is known for its education program of literary criticism and theories of communications. Toronto is the birthplace of invention of insulin and stem cell researches, the first place where electron microscope is applied, the place of inventing multi-touch and identifying the existence of black hole Cygnus-X1 and the theory of NP-completeness. University of Toronto gets the highest fund for researches from the government in Canada every year. The university is one of the two members of Association of American Universities outside the U.S.

     University of Toronto is highly appreciated in the list of the world’s leading universities and is regularly the best university of Canada. University of Toronto has trained 2 officials and 4 Canadian Prime Ministers, 4 foreign heads of state, 4 judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, and 10 people nominated for Nobel Prize.


The majors

Ngành học

Học phí

Khoa học và kĩ thuật

$ 43.540

Kiến trúc

$ 38.810

Nha khoa

$ 68.870

Lâm nghiệp

$ 17.562

Pháp luật

$ 42.560

Quản trị

$ 52.176

Y học

$ 66.070

Âm nhạc

$ 29,520

Điều dưỡng $ 38.810


     Admission scholarships: the university provides with over 3,400 scholarships for students in the first admission course with high admission GPA.

     In-course scholarships: for students who have outstanding achievements during learning process.

     In addition, the university provides many other scholarships, other awards for students who outstandingly participate in activities of the university.

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