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Singapore has small square and population but it is a famous and important financial center in the area. Study-abroad in Singapore, you will have chances to experience:

            A dynamic and colorful city, harmonious combination of cultures, food and architectures but still keep the traditional of Singapore.

          An International standard city and skyscrapers are extremely modern, a dynamic arts, landscape is wonderful and fresh air.

           A modern education is recognized by International.

           The most clean island.


  • Living expenses in Singapore:cuocsongosingapore2

Singapore is one of the countries with the highest living level in Southeast Asia.

Living expenses of International students in Singapore are from $750 to $2,000 Dollars Singapore per month, this amount will be changed and depended on the standard of living and your learning process. Therefore, the plan of logical expense will help you reduce a part of living expenses when they come to this wonderful country.

A general estimate table of the monthly basic charges for each international student in Singapore, as follows:


Cost of per month (S $)



$18 000 – $23 000/year

Depending on each school, major and course.


$200 – $700

Depending on kinds of home, area and number of people.

Electricity and Water

$40 – $100

Do not apply for dormitory

Expenses for food

$300 – $450

$10-$15 per day / 3 meals

Public transportation


Depending on distance and transportation that they choose in order to use. If student want to save, they can go to school or travel by subway or bus.

Telecommunication services( telephone, Internet)


There are packages for using with different costs.

Books and Stationary


This amount will be more cheaper if you buy old textbooks instead.

Personal expenses


Including: clothes, personal hygiene items, entertainment, hair-cut…, depending on each student.


Health insurance: $50/ semester.

Accident insurance: $2.70/semester

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