Certificate of Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC)

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    In operation, Minh Nguyet company is the enrolment representative of prestigious education providers in many countries in where includes the homeland of kangaroo – Australia. The enrolment for study – abroad in Australia is strictly controlled. By many ways of testing and directly interviewing enrolment agents, Professional International Education Resources (PIER) – an organization has a course of training agents for becoming counsellors with good qualification and professional skills. In Australia, most education providers require agents to have the certificate of Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC). At the present, there are more 3 000 educational counsellors who are suitable for standards of Australia over world.

For becoming an enrolment agent of education provider in Australia, an agent needs to pass the examination of course QEAC. Minh Nguyet Company passed excellently the exam and became one of enrolment agents that conform to the standard.

We will have been following your study-abroad!


Representative of Minh Nguyet Company – Ms. Nguyet and her certificate of Qualified Education Agent Counsellor:


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