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     Auckland Girl’s Grammar School (AGGS) is state high school for girls from grade 9 to 13 (from age 12 to 18). AGGS has more 1400 students from 59 countries such as Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, Fiji, Indian and Thailand..

     AGGS was established in 1907 and had been moved to its current head office since 1909 on Howe Street. From time of establishment up to now, AGGS has developed very quickly. Its tradition is sociality. It development has clearly reflexed its contribution to the development of New Zealand’s social culture

     AGGS is located at one side of a hill forward the Waitemata harbor. It is adjoining the most ancient park – Western Park of city and is covered by trees and ancient gardens. AGGS is near the economic center, people can walk easily to universities and central library, show rooms of art, museums, theatres and all main roads of the city.

School’s services for students:


– AGGS has preparatory courses for students who would like to enter university. Moreover, it has more academic courses and vocational courses for students to get the best result in the national examination

– AGGS has library, photography room, video editing room, lab, gymnasium, swimming-pool, lecture theatre of art with more 800 seats, etc…

Program of study:

  • ESOL program
  • Art (Music, Play, Fine-art and Photography)
  • Language (Chinese, French, Japanese, language of Samoa and Maori)
  • Mathematic and Accountancy
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
  • Social Science (History, Geography, Philosophy, Tourism, Economy and Classical Science)
  • Physical Education
  • Technology (food, textile, computer, design)
  • Supporting Student Service
  • Activities of extra – curricular, culture and sports

Educational System of secondary schools and high schools in New Zealand

Grade 9: students, age: 12 – 13                                           Term dates 2016

Grade 10: students, age: 13 – 14                                Term 1: February 3rd 2016 – April 15th 2016

Grade 11: students, age: 15 – 16                                Term 2: May 2nd 2016 – July 8th 2016

Grade 12: students, age: 16 – 17                                Term 3: July 25th 2016 – September 23rd 2016

Grade 13: students, age: 17 – 18                                Term 4: October 10th 2016 – December 14th 2016

Tuition fee in 2016


Administrative Fee: NZ$ 1 000

Application fee: NZ$ 250 (non-refundable)

Homestay Placement Fee: NZ$ 12,8200 / year

Pastoral Care Fee: NZ$ 1320

NZQA examination fees – NZ$ 383.30 (it may be increased and depended on each term )

Medical insurance – NZ $550

Get more information, please contact:

Add: 656/48 – 656/50 Cach Mang Thang 8 St, Ward 11, Dist 3, HCM City
Tel: (+84)839907990 Fax: +(84)838464544
Hotline: +(84)908 774 130 +(84)966 544 082 +(84)1629 591 562

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