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Minh Nguyet – A Trusted Name in Overseas Higher Educational Consultants in Vietnam

Minh Nguyet was formed by former international students with their practical experiences in studying abroad. The company head office is located at 656/48 – 656/50 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 11, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. On September 2013, we turned our dream into reality to become a bridge between Vietnamese students and educational institutions around the world. We took the iconic yellow moon to symbolize that Minh Nguyet will always grow and shine. The red book symbolizes education (education consultancy), and the book with wings flying off from the moon, shows our sole focus, to enable all students’ dream. We enable all students to attend the educational institution of their choice. We deeply understand that “knowledge” will help a person to pass large oceans to complete his or her lifelong dream.

The Minh Nguyet Company is devoted to always be a trusted partner with our clients, students and parents, in order to provide educational consultancy on topics such as educational majors, life profession, and quality learning institutions, to meet the need of the students, and to provide suitable services matching a student’s capacity for learning, and to help preparing students for life abroad. With Minh Nguyet’s service, parents and students will be aided by a team of enthusiastic consultants with professional, dynamic, flexible, agile, and dedicated attitude. You will be both surprised and satisfied with our devotion and professional service.

Minh Nguyet has become the bridge between student intellectual aspirations with universities and prestigious educational institutions all over the world such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to educational service, Minh Nguyet provides money transfer service for tuition and living expenses for school, helps students to find living accommodation, offers transportation service at foreign airports, and shall be a connection between international students and their families. Furthermore, to foster an environment that will allow students to concentrate on their studies while living in a foreign country, Minh Nguyet will search for schools with reasonable fees meeting your financial situation, help to apply for scholarship, and help to find part-time jobs and full-time jobs after graduation, for our clients. Minh Nguyet Company – we aim to provide the most sophisticated and highest diversified quality service. Allow us to enable your educational dreams to broaden your horizon and quality of life, and to take all Vietnamese students to a new, bright, and desirable future.

Come to us, your international study will come true with minimal effort.

We are proud of being Minh Nguyet Company

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